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Even if school has already started for me I'd honestly like to know. How can I be a better artist to watch on dA? 

7 deviants said Reply to more comments.
4 deviants said Do more RP's and the like.
3 deviants said Do artwork I owe and please don't get carried away.
3 deviants said No need, I'm doing just fine.
2 deviants said Make more quality content per week rather than just sketches.
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ALRIGHT DUDES AND DUDETTES. In light of recent poll, I've decided that a recent course of action for folks who have not heard from me in a REALLY long time due to my Pokemon Obsession and rampant ADD: An RP Recovery Site! And here's what to do!

1) Post the name or description of the RP in question 
2) Leave a link to the original if you want to.
3) Up to three RP's at a time can be posted, so as not to become overwhelming.

I will be guaranteed to reply to your RP, and keep replying as best as I can! Please note that Monday - Thursday, 8:00-5:00 is generally my school time. However, even with this, I will still find time to do my thing. And if for any reason I go unresponsive, you have my full permission to head to my Profile Page, and remind me to keep it up! Albeit I might offer a "What next from here" if we've wrapped up a storyline or any other similar situation.

Thank you all for your time!
RP Recovery Site
Exactly what it says on the tin! 

Note that if you provide a link, I'll be more likely to go back there and continue. Although if providing a link is impossible, then it's entirely possible to either take some time to find it, or start a new RP scenario! In either case, I'm sorry for my past negligence, and I earnestly hope that you guys can find some fun in this. Thank you. ^^
Even if school has already started for me I'd honestly like to know. How can I be a better artist to watch on dA?
7 deviants said Reply to more comments.
4 deviants said Do more RP's and the like.
3 deviants said Do artwork I owe and please don't get carried away.
3 deviants said No need, I'm doing just fine.
2 deviants said Make more quality content per week rather than just sketches.
1 deviant said Make an effort to see a project through, even if something else seems more interesting after some time.
No deviants said Other (Please let me know in comments!)
Welcome Back to Eccentri-City! (SKETCH) by TipsyRa1d3n
Welcome Back to Eccentri-City! (SKETCH)
Now this is something VERY different. After several months of Pokemon stuff, in the middle of waiting for Pokemon Sun and Moon to come out, I think I've finally come full circle. 

I've really thought of bringing back the Eccentrix in whole, and probably doing new stuff for them now. Probably in the middle of doing my Professor Tipsy and Russo stuff for those who are watching me for my Pokemon Stuff, but anyway, to those who have not seen our good friend King Norbert in a LONG time....

Welcome back to Eccentri-City! 
Professor Tipsy Speaking! 

I'm going to confess something to you guys, and you have to promise not to be mad at me. I may have gotten a little ahead of myself, and had a special invitation to Alola.

I know, I know, it's not even open to tourist travel yet. However, I've gotten a summons over there, because my task is to find out as much info about the Alolan Pokemon as I can. This is so that I can compile some new information regarding these new Pokemon, that will allow me to teach aspiring trainers how to look after these new species! 

Without further ado....let me teach you a thing or two.


1) Unless you are allowing it to hunt by itself, keep a bell or other small noisemaker on your Rowlet. You see, something I've learned about Rowlet is that they are nocturnal predators. While they are mostly inactive during the day, since they enjoy soaking up the sun's rays while asleep at daytime, at night they hunt. They can fly without a sound, see in the dark, and stay perfectly camouflaged within the foliage. This is why Rowlet are so hard to find. Not because they are rare, because they are rather common in numbers for starter Pokemon. They are just very well disguised, to the point where YOU, the trainer, will have difficulty finding it if you lose it somewhere. So, keep a bell on it, so you know if it's close to you at all. Although you probably don't have to worry about this if your Rowlet tends to stay close to you.

2) Litten can handle itself. True, if you pick Litten, you probably like cats. Although Litten in particular can seem rather aloof and self-sufficient, and might seem highly uncomfortable if you smother it. So, you can love and care for Litten all you want, just know when to give it some space. Not only that, but don't try to actively rouse a certain reaction out of Litten. As it is, these Pokemon enjoy keeping to themselves, and if you're fixated on something, it probably won't share the same sentiment as you do. Don't take it personally, just know that Litten is content to let you have fun while minding its own business.

3) Have a fire extinguisher handy if you keep a Litten. And set up a "Shedding Station". The reason I say this is because if your Litten starts shedding, that pile of old cat hair WILL light on fire. And if you're unprepared, you're basically asking for a burnt down house. God forbid you're in a forest, or a wooden house and this happens. Just be careful, and be sure that your Litten knows that collateral damage is not welcome in these kinds of delicate spaces. Best plan is to wet down some concrete and have your Litten shed on that, which will reduce the likelihood of an out-of-control fire.

4) Popplio loves attention. No lie. Be it performing acrobatics in battle, doing tricks with bubbles, or using more power than appropriate for a situation, Popplio tries very hard to get people to pay attention to it, and will often make spectacles out of whatever it's tasked to do, even when it's supposed to be serious. Just be sure to let it know that you appreciate the effort, but if substance over style is what you seek, then that will work better for you in the long run. Just do that, instead of getting annoyed at Popplio for trying to make an ill-timed show, and it would happily change its tune to suit your needs! After all, even among Starter Pokemon, Popplio does its very best to be good company.

5) If you have a Grubbin, buy a Silph Co. Bug Battery. These products are not batteries at all, but actually devices that feed electricity to Pokemon that feed on electricity. The reason I recommend you get these is because if you let Grubbin into your house without preparing, then it will probably run up the bill, and unintentionally deny you access to air conditioning, television, access to appliances...anything else in your house that needs electricity.

6) Don't smother Stufful. People tend to be very confused about Stufful and Bewear. One minute they hate hugs, next minute they love them, right? Not exactly. See, as a Stufful, they love affection from their parents. But they feel that everything else is familiar, and kind of scary, even more so when faced with a predatory species. So, if you barge in like a schmuck and start smothering Stufful, then it will kick your ass because it interprets your hugging and squeeing as an aggressive gesture. And even if it knows you're not being aggressive, it still feels like being picked up and squeezed is a situation going beyond its control. Ergo, it flails and kicks until you let go, and it runs away. The better idea is to be gentle towards Stufful. Feed it good food, allow it to stay close, but not too close, groom it, etc. First it will let you pet it. Then it will let you hug it. Then it might perhaps even hug YOU. 

7) Do not remove Stufful's tag until officially authorized. Those are NOT part of its body. They are actually placed on by rangers while they are still in the wild. You see, the Stufful and Bewear population is monitored closely, so as to know if populations are getting too close to people. After all, collateral damage is highly likely if a Bewear is in the vicinity. So, when wild Stufful are seen, then Pokemon Rangers are often assigned to tag and release them. Thus, the tag on its posterior is a way to track them in the wild, and if it's registered as your Pokemon, then it doesn't need the tag anymore. You can take it off when allowed by the authorities. 

8) Teach your Bewear restraint, by showing them how to handle things smaller than themselves. Bewear are 6'11" tall, monstrously powerful, and are very often overcome with affection for their trainers who have evolved them this far. Bewear also recognize that they acted a bit bratty when they were younger, so they figure the best way to express affection is to hug people, just like people wanted to do for it. Except its hugs will crush your bones. So, to prevent it from harming someone on accident, practice with it beforehand. Demonstrate your own physical strength to Bewear, even if it's not a lot. Maybe punch some trees, do some martial arts moves, or do an intense workout. And then afterwards, wind yourself down, and pick up a small Pokemon. You can ask for volunteers if you don't have such a Pokemon, but just be gentle with it. Pet it, brush it, hug it, whatever! Bewear will have a better clue of what to do, and how to restrain its strength to avoid hurting you if it wants to show affection. 

9) On the beach, never trust anything conspicuously sticking out of the dirt. Don't trust random shovels, tree branches, flags, random silverware utensils, cocktail umbrella... In fact if you didn't bring it, don't even go near it. Chances are a wild Sandygast is nearby, and it will hold you hostage the minute you grab onto said conspicuous "shovel". And when you do THAT, then they can will you to either make it bigger by compacting more sand on it, or make you stick your hand in its hole to suck your life force out. These are the kind of Pokemon who will do this to children.

10) If you notice someone being possessed by a Sandygast, kick the shovel out of its hand. If all is well, then a person will simply wonder what you did that for. But if a person seems to snap back into reality and question their actions, get out of there now. A Sandygast just possessed your friend. Despite looking like lumps of sand, these Pokemon are unexpectedly malevolent! 

11) If you decide to catch a Sandygast, don't let it have a shovel. It has the shovel to begin with in order to give them control over other living things. Don't give them the satisfaction of having any sort of power over your friends or family. Remember, Sandygast is basically what happens when collective pieces of spiritual energy are grounded in sand, manifesting as malicious feelings and grudges. Even among Ghost-Type Pokemon, they are...bad news. They're bad news. Don't get me wrong, they're probably every bit as befriend-able as other Ghost-Type Pokemon, but just be VERY careful with this particular species.

12) WILD PALOSSAND WILL KILL YOU AND YOUR POKEMON. SO LISTEN UP. Even if it does look like a sand castle, wild Palossand are no laughing matter! Their power is such that they are able to possess fully grown people, and get them to build up their defenses even heavier. Par for the course, if you see your friend at the beach being possessed, kick the shovel away from their hand. If you see a shovel rotating around like a radar, do not come near it. On Alolan beaches, tell your Pokemon to not use Dig. And if you see a wild Palossand attacking, then draw a Pentagram on the Circle and Write "42-42-564". It's a known Summoning Ritual that will summon a Dusknoir to your location. Your ultimate insurance policy against any malevolent Ghost Attack. Summoning the Dusknoir will give you an opportunity to extricate your Pokemon from an otherwise inescapable sand trap that would kill it. Not to mention, the said Dusknoir will most likely scare the Palossand away, or outright drag it back into the Spirit World, permanently getting rid of it. 

Sounds extreme, yes. But highly necessary. Because otherwise, a Palossand has every capability to kill you and your Pokemon by draining away your life forces entirely, and leaving you to suffocate below the sands. If it doesn't, then it will simply use some of your life force to create a new Sandygast. 

Such was almost the fate of my beloved friend Gustav...a fully grown Krookodile. Gone Digging around in the sand. And had almost met with a terrible fate when a Palossand swallowed him up and drained him. By the time I summoned the Dusknoir and got my poor friend out of there, he was dry and shriveled up like a mummy, and in desperate need of medical care.

Take care in Alola....sometimes things are not what they seem.

13) If you're a particularly happy/sad/generally emotional person, chances are you're going to be surrounded by Cutieflies. They're just fine where they are, no worries. Plus, they're adorable! I mean they probably wouldn't gather near you if you wanted to shoo them away with bug spray anyway.

14) Mimikyu deserves friendship. Have you heard of the new sensation sweeping the nation as of late? Of Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokemon? Well, assuming you haven't heard of it via Internet, allow me to enlighten you. Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-Type Pokemon. Like many Ghost-Type Pokemon, they are either born with Ghost-Type parents, or come into existence when a living thing dies. In this case, most likely a small Pokemon that got grounded in...something. Don't know yet. Either way, as far as ghosts go, they are....incredibly lonely. They may either frighten people who see them for the first time, sans costume. Or they afflict said people with an illness. Or realize that they can't go out in the sun without falling ill. OR, they are shunned by other Pokemon who can't shake the feeling that there's something very wrong about them. Even worse if they were once alive, and have seen their previous lifestyle torn away from them for good.

Either way...Mimikyu very often begin their lives in that sort of loneliness and despair. And most of them realize that if they want to be more popular with people, then they have to look like something popular! And what better way to do so than to don the appearance of the iconic face of Pokemon everywhere, Pikachu? And it works. Not because it looks like a Pikachu. But because those who know it's a Mimikyu understand WHY it looks like a Pikachu. 

Ever since the unveiling of Mimikyu to the public via news, it has become almost universally beloved. No kidding, the Internet literally exploded on the night of their reveal. I've seen so many people looking forward to catching a Mimikyu for their own, even if it's not competitively viable. They love it that much. And I see what they mean! Just as a note of common courtesy, at least give some respect to Mimikyu, if you don't feel like making friends with it. 

15) It's safe to hug Mimikyu. Do you guys remember, that hugging a Pikachu is often a risky feat, since they like to shock people who give them a hug? Yeah. Mimikyu will never do that.

If you couldn't tell before, then you'll know when you pick it up to give it a squeeze. The average Pikachu would probably give you an electric shock and giggle as your hair stands up on end. A Mimikyu would more likely tear up profusely, and hug you back. And I tell you what, that's how I learned a good way to tell apart Mimikyu from Pikachu, for any fellow who doesn't have good eyesight. 

I'm not proud to admit it, but ever since my dreadful encounter with Palossand, I presumed Mimikyu to have malicious intentions as well. Especially when it goes around pretending to be something it's not. I guess it might have just been some deep-rooted suspicion towards Ghost-Type Pokemon in general. And...this was one of the very first times I felt so guilty to doubt a Ghost Pokemon in such a way. 

Need I say again? Sometimes, things in Alola aren't as they seem.

16) Beware of random patches of ice when traveling the mountains! Alolan Ninetales hunt by rigging their territory with all sorts of deadly traps, many of which are dangerous even to humans. One of the most common is the "Exploding Puddle". What looks like an innocent frozen puddle is really a sort of natural land mine which flash-freezes whatever poor sap steps on it.

17) Alolan Vulpix are very high maintenance. Sure, they can maintain their temperature easily in hot places. But the fact remains that they are used to very little competition for anything, living in areas that are not as densely populated. What's more, is that they're usually used to living with others of their own kind, being highly unaccustomed to life down from the mountain. An individual Alolan Vulpix can be either conceited and overconfident, or humble and warm-hearted, but their demeanor doesn't change the effort needed to raise one. So, if you get an Alolan Vulpix, be prepared to do plenty of work to keep it happy.

18) Alolan Meowth is not your pet. It is your co-worker. It is the sort of Pokemon that expects to be treated like an equal, and as part of its once-royal upbringing, is a stickler for financial/material gain, status and pride. It will probably treat you like a subordinate, unless you establish equality and capability in your relationship with it. Not to mention, during whatever endeavor you set out to, they will absolutely insist on coming along to get a fair share of reward too. The trade-off being that for this reward-system, they are willing to put in the extra effort and caution, to see to it that anything they invest their effort into will be worth while. 

Just a word of caution. Dirt on their coins, and wounds on their pride can make them angry. But what will enrage an Alolan Meowth beyond all else is wasted effort. And that's the point when it decides, if it couldn't get its fair share for all the work it put into this task, then it will just take something for itself. To conclude, Alolan Meowth can be a boon that knows how to carry you and your team to greatness, even by Pokemon Standards! As long as there's something in for it.

19) Alolan Marowak is always guarded. Do not incur their wrath. What appears to be a bright blue flame is in fact the spirit of another Marowak which has passed away. Dead, but remaining in the mortal world within its old femur bone, to protect the growing Marowak who wields it until the end. A parent, sibling, cousin, neighbor, friend, anything of that sort. Alolan Marowak always have someone special watching over them, and that special someone will show no mercy to an attacker. Lay one mean finger on them, and you will be punished. For example, if a fireball shoots from the bone and keeps pursuing you, that's actually the inhabitant spirit getting REALLY pissed off at you, and coming for you specifically. A fire that doesn't hurt much on impact, but will spread and burn like Houndoom venom all over your entire body, as the spirit catches hold of you, and refuses to let go until it deems it proper to do so. An event like this is usually triggered when somebody attacks it relentlessly, or otherwise done something to bring this sort of fresh hell upon themselves. This means that usually the best way to stop the ghostly fire from pursuing you is this: Leave Marowak alone, raise your hands where the ghost can see them, stay where you are and don't run, maybe throw in a word of apology, and the ghost will stop chasing you, knowing when you've surrendered. That's it. Don't make it any harder for yourself than it has to be. 

(NOTE: This will work if you haven't done something unforgivable, like severely injure or kill a friend or family member. Then there's nothing you can do to stop impending agony.)

And if it's guardian ghost doesn't guard it, then one of its living comrades will. ESPECIALLY a mate. For your sake, do NOT incur their wrath. Ever.

20) Alolan Exeggutor must only be released outside. Because they get stuck if you let them out of their ball indoors, which is a stupid thing to do anyway. I learned this cuz I had a lapse in judgement and did thus myself. Go me.

21) If you catch a Female Salandit, buy antidotes. Plenty of them. Mostly because they like to abuse their pheromone ability to get make people and Pokemon to do anything and everything it wants them to do. Give them more food, groom them more than anyone else, and spend most of your time and money for its wants and needs. Although these pheromones are also poisonous, and can make you quite sick if you don't take an antidote. It won't kill you, but MAN it feels terrible. 

Do you want to have your Salandit refrain from using its pheromone? Then make it feel like it doesn't have to, by showing kindness and compassion on your own. If your other Pokemon also help out in making Salandit feel welcome as a part of the team, then it will not have a reason to abuse its pheromone power.

22) When holding a Pyukumuku, hold the cloaca end AWAY from you. Note, the part that looks like it's mouth and face is actually it's cloaca. It's real mouth is the "rear" part that looks like a poofy cluster of white tentacles. If you hold THAT end facing you, then you probably won't have to worry about Pyukumuku using its innards to punch you! 

23) If you catch a Pyukumuku, it will REALLY like its Pokeball. Remember, a Pokeball uses simulation technology to simulate a Pokemon's favorite environment. Therefore, no matter what ball you use on it, it will almost always come up with a picture perfect replica of Pyukumuku's favorite spot. Ergo, once you capture it, it will usually spend most of its time lazing around inside its ball. If the ball is destroyed, you can bet for sure that the Pyukumuku will return to its previous favorite spot, no matter how sessile it appears to be.

24) Don't eat mushrooms infused with Morelull's spores. The mushrooms on their own will make you light-headed, but not high. The spores themselves cause little more than drowsiness if you look at their pulsating light. But if you're an idiot, like I am (who was currently under the impression this would be beneficial to science), then wait for some wild mushrooms to be infused to the point of glowing, and eat them. Or do something even less sensible, like use them as pizza toppings, smoke them, or inject them. And you will end up with what is essentially Magic Mushrooms on steroids. 

Feelings of innate connection with the spiritual auras of every living thing around you, including the floor, wall and ceiling of your house. Constantly having involuntary in-and-out of body experiences. Hearing colors, seeing music, smelling emotions, witnessing every patron of a local hotel turn into cannibalistic reptile people who started violently disemboweling each other alive, feel your bed turn into a vat of boiling oil as you tuck yourself in. And feeling a constant sense of impending doom, as you begin to delude yourself into thinking you got such awesome powers to begin with because there's a threat on the horizon. I.e. I saw the moon turn into a giant eye and look my direction. And what's worse? This kind of nonsense can last up to 12-15 hours! AND IT GETS WORSE EVERY GODDAMN MINUTE.

People not from Alola think it's totally cool. And sometimes, particularly foolhardy people IN Alola think its cool, because it's Magic Mushrooms. Except it's not. I have admittedly taken a few drugs during my time as a scientist, under the delusion that it's a case study. Except I solemnly swear to never destroy myself like this again after eating Morelull Magic Mushrooms.

Now...please excuse me, I need to go poke my Third Eye out.

25) Any time you're in Alola, do not be a child abuser. Do not be a child beater, child molester, or god forbid child killer. Do you know why? Because in Alola, the local police forces have taken to training Drampa as special Child Protection Services. No kidding!

Some Drampa are so loving towards children and concerned for their safety and ability to grow up healthy that many of them these days would happily sacrifice a quiet life up in the mountains for an opportunity to protect the youth they love so much. They are common among schools, parks, and other children's gatherings because they can be trusted to cherish and protect a child's life no matter what. They would even show mercy to bullies, but not before imparting some of their wisdom to allow that child to grow up truly happy. And they have shone their brightest when working with disabled children, willing to give anything to make their lives growing up worth living to the fullest.

Molest, abuse, harm or kill a child, and you've earned Drampa's wrath. To the point where it won't wait until it's half-weakened to activate its ability Berserk. And I cannot overstate this enough, you don't want this happening to you! After all, we're talking about a Dragon that could potentially blow down a house to its foundations with a Dragon Breath attack. Just think, before you commit a violent or abusive crime towards a child, are you stronger than a house? Can you take an impact strong enough to blow down a house, and walk it off?

If the answer was no, then hands off.

26) Lurantis are high maintenance, much like Lilligant. They need lots of sunlight, warmth, close-detail grooming and polishing, a steady diet of both meats and Grass-Type Pokemon food, and they are habitually active and in motion thanks to their time as a Fomantis, so they will regularly want to go for walks and battles. So yeah, you've got a Pokemon that needs a LOT of attention in order to bloom like it does. If you think you can handle it, go right ahead and catch a Fomantis!

27) If Bruxish are in the water, you're safe. Gyarados? Basculin? Other nasties of that sort? Won't touch you, unless it's a Dark-Type that has innate immunity to Psychic-Types. Even THEN, its trademark tooth-gnashing would put off even a Sharpedo. I'm still not sure why this is the case, because by technicality, Sharpedo shouldn't be the least bit intimidated by Bruxish, having a Dark-Type advantage. Yet, when faced with a school of these in the vicinity, they're much more comfortable going away from them and hunting in more open waters, rather than the shallow water that people swim in at the beach.

28) Look out for explosive traps around Alola's mountains and volcanoes! When in Alola, if you see a multitude of jagged black and red rocks sticking out, chances are you're walking into a mine field. Turtonator eat rocky and/or flammable materials like volcanic rock and sulfur to build up their shell and explosive power. In terms of nutrition, they are carnivorous, and they often prey on the other Fire-Type Pokemon living in their vicinity. Namely by burying themselves in the ground, and using their explosive shell-spikes as a trap.

If anything touches or steps on them and springs the trap, then you can expect said thing to be blown to bite-sized chunks. So stay away from the jagged rocks when you can.

29) Turtonator do not take kindly to being faced directly. Especially not by what they presume to be invaders of its territory. ESPECIALLY not a Turtonator of high "status" such as a lead male, who will see your carelessly encroaching on its living space as a challenge to claim its territory. It will give you a chance to leave without incident, but will put up a threat as well. It will strike the ground with its tail two to three times before it strikes it's own shell, triggering an explosion. So be careful of that.

30) Beware of Turtonator mating gatherings. When you see a large swathe of charred land, many Turtonators out gathering without being concealed, then you've stumbled on their mating season. If you see that, turn back immediately. 

Because Male Turtonator challenge other suitors for fertile females by trying to cause the biggest explosion. A huge amount of land is always destroyed when this happens, and you will be too if you stick around!

31) If you are the forgetful type of trainer, try buying a Summoning Bangle. Some Aloha jewelers sell bangles with the known Summoning Ritual Number engraved on it, and is said to ward off evil spirits. What it actually does is help you summon Dusknoir to your location if you are attacked by a wild Palossand, or any other particularly nasty Ghost-Type. They are respectably priced since vendors know how important they are at warding off malicious ghosts, so buy one before you even think about spending time on the beach. If you can afford it, buy one for all of your Pokemon and some spares too.

Trust me. You will feel very relieved at having made such an investment. Because any sensible Ghost-Type Pokemon will know right off the bat if you have a Summoning Bangle in your possession, and with that in mind, they won't touch you. Especially considering these bangles allow a person to Speed Dial the one foe capable of dragging them into the Spirit World for good.

32) Mud is essential for Mudbray's growth! Every Mudbray lives in some form of dirt-filled environment. They hate water and thus should only be washed in a mud bath of some sort. Whether it be a mud puddle after it rains or a day at the spa, just let them enjoy the mud they love so much. You WILL get dirty, but these little guys are very loyal and hard-working. They're worth the effort and extra laundry.

The mud baths will also help them grow a stronger hide when they evolve as it will supplement their existing defenses. Think of it as giving them a layer of dried-mud as a shield. Running with them as exercise can also help them grow up healthy and evolve a bit faster.

33) If you need a hard worker, invest your effort into raising a Mudsdale. These strong horses are extremely durable and have amazing stamina. Three days and three nights when pulling a load of up to ten tons, and even longer than that if they are not encumbered. They gladly pull heavy loads because they like to be useful, or let you ride on their back to save you a long walk. Mudbrays in the wild might not seem confident at first, but giving them things to do and friendship will fix that. Those memories will carry on into their evolution and make them immediately sure of their skills. Be it battle, wagon-pulling, or even riding, they are sure to be very useful in several ways. Always a wonderful Pokemon to have. Except while indoors as they are quite large.

34) Don't ride your Mudsdale in town, it's against the law. Of course this should be a no-brainer, because Mudsdale is literally heavier than a ton. Ergo, it can easily put multiple potholes in the pavement if it runs on it. No, you won't go to jail, you'll just get fined for ruining the pavement. Just put it back in its Pokeball if you're in town so you don't cause damage.

35) Wishiwashi is terrifying, DO NOT SCREW WITH WISHIWASHI. That little fish really IS one of the most terrifying things in this region! You've gotta believe me, it may look like a tiny, insignificant, weaker-than-Magikarp kind of mini-guppy. Except you'll soon learn why no Alolan person worth their salt will ever so much as look at Wishiwashi funny, much less attack it. You see, Wishiwashi in danger have the ability to send a beacon out to other Wishiwashi, to start Schooling. In times like this, up to 245-250 individual Wishiwashi at a time will all school towards the individual in need, and form some enormous...THING. That looks like a gigantic fish made up of hundreds of smaller fish. 

And that's not just a ruse to frighten away predators by appearance, it legitimately becomes far more dangerous than before! Its attacks contain the added force from every Wishiwashi in the school, as does its may not look like it, but Wishiwashi actually has some rather sharp teeth. When you have hundreds of them angrily gnawing at the same time, like a school of tiny piranhas, then you'd be correct to imagine Wishiwashi's school form as a kind of underwater tree-shredder. I can testify that to be true, I took a dive underwater, and saw a Gyarados get shredded and reduced to a pile of bloody bones sinking to the bottom.

It's not pretty. There's a REASON even Gyarados are instinctively terrified of Wishiwashi, just like the people of Alola. DO NOT SCREW WITH WISHIWASHI.

36) Don't touch a Crabrawler climbing to the top. Ever. The pokedex isn't kidding! These highly competitive crabs are extreme pigheads that simply will do anything to prove that it's better than its friends! In particular, however, they seem to be rather interested in being 'the top. Don't bother Crabrawler when they climb up a building; its not your business, and they won't hesitate to give you a punishment punch for disturbing them. Even a tiny poke will easily piss them off.

37) If you're tall, Crabrawler will find you just as good as a building. And to note, they also will be angry with the tiniest bit of protest you give once they settle on your head. They have good eyes, if you want your head to stay clear, avoid any areas with Crabrawler, or go through the area quick and easy. If you prefer to settle down, you shouldn't be surprised at all to have a Crabrawler to jump/climb/fall on your head...

But there's rather little to worry. With the exception of some slightly uncomfortable tosses and turns, they still have a 'Super hero' personality, and will actually greatly appreciate if you were to just ignore it as it sits on your head. The fact you're helping them be figuratively better than their friends makes them happy enough. Basically, if you don't want any trouble, either don't be in the vicinity to begin with, or just let them be on your head!
Tipsy's Trainer Tips for Alola!
Not much going on in the Drawing Department. But for sure, knowing how much information is being unveiled about Pokemon Sun and Moon, I figured I'd do something a tad in-canon, and do a Professor Tipsy thing based off that!

Hope you guys like it!!

EDIT 8/23: NEW CONTENT!!! Tips 16-25 are all new! Please enjoy!

EDIT 8/24:  NEW CONTENT!!! Tips 26-35 are all new! Please enjoy!

New tips courtesy of :iconcaptainprower:, :iconjshadowm:, :iconchaosdancer12:, :iconweirdamirrart:, :iconsnowjoe72:, and :iconniksmom1:
Quick Question. If Johto Had Fossil Pokemon, what do you think they'd be?
9 deviants said Permian Mammal-Like Reptiles
8 deviants said Dinosaurs
8 deviants said Cambrian-Era Oddities
6 deviants said Cenozoic Avian and Mammalian Megafauna
2 deviants said Other
Kinda funny to mention it, but lately I've REALLY been liking this idea! I've just recently done a few designs, but they sure are growing on me, as I think more about how I might make an AU out of it! It really reminds me of the Eccentrix-Verse, which is really making me wanna do more with it, although I'm kinda having trouble as to where to start! 

Like say, a main storyline, a set of main characters, the lore behind certain species, how certain strange Pokemon would look anthropomorphized, if there are real animals that live alongside Anthro-Mons...lots of things to think about! Any of you guys have any ideas on what to do with this AU?


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